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    New Arrivals - November 2012 - Great New Cards from Borealis Press!

    Check out our newest arrivals of fun and amusing cards from Borealis Press!

    We'll be adding more Borealis Press (and others) magnets and cards from these great lines in the near future, so check back often!

    It Ain't What They Call You - Funny Greeting Card
    "It ain't what they call you. It's what you answer to." ~ W.C. Fields
    The Secret of Staying Young - Funny Greeting Card
    "An inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret for staying young." ~ Oscar Wilde
    Great Friendships - Borealis Press Greeting Card
    "Great friendships feel like they have old roots."
    The Last Refuge of Mediocrity - Funny Greeting Card
    "Good behavior is the last refuge of mediocrity." ~ Henry S. Haskins
    Man Was Made At The End Of The Week - Funny Greeting Card
    "Man was made at the end of the week when God was tired." ~ Mark Twain
    When You're Middle-Aged - Funny Greeting Card
    "When you're middle-aged, the mischief is mainly in your head." ~ David Williams
    Reg. Price: $2.95
    Sale Price: $2.07
    A Happy Childhood Is The Worst Preparation - Funny Greeting Card
    "A happy childhood is the worst preparation for life." ~ Kinky Friedman
    Reg. Price: $2.95
    Sale Price: $2.07

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