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    Borealis Press Holiday Cards

    More of the Borealis Press's Holiday Greeting Card collection. All convey the peace and joy of the holidays.
    Happy Holidays!

    May Your Toes Be Warm - Holiday Card
    "May your toes be warm; And your hat in style ..."
    No Light Is Ever Lost - Holiday Card
    "No light, no energy, no love is ever lost from the universe ..."
    Behind The Complicated Details - Holiday Card
    "Behind the complicated details of the world stand the simplicities." ~ Graham Greene
    Peace For The Season - Holiday Card
    "Peace for the Season"
    Blessed Are The Peace Makers - Holiday Card
    "Blessed are the peace makers ..."
    It's A Wonderful Life - Holiday Card
    "It's A Wonderful Life ..."
    What A Perfect Perfect Season - Holiday Card
    "What a perfect perfect season ..."
    You Can Never Have Too Many Memories - Holiday Card
    "You can never have too many memories ..."
    Joy Comes In A Sleigh - Holiday Card
    "Joy comes in a sleigh, Joy comes in a cart ..."
    Let Peace Be Our Beacon - Holiday Card
    "Let peace be our beacon in the night."
    A Time For Sharing - Holiday Card
    "The Holidays - a time for sharing ..."
    Many Warmest Wishes - Holiday Card
    "Many Many Many Many Warmest Wishes for the Season!"
    Coming To You This Season - Holiday Card
    "Coming to you this season ..."
    Happy New Year - Holiday Card
    Mark Ye Well The Song - Holiday Card
    "Mark ye well the song we sing; Gladsome tidings now we bring ..."
    For Everyone On The List - Holiday Card
    "For everyone on the list ... "
    He Sprang To His Sleigh - Holiday Card
    "He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle ..." ~ Clement C. Moore
    On Comet, On Cupid - Holiday Card
    "On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen!" ~ Clement C. Moore
    Come My Friends - Holiday Card
    "Come, my friends, 'tis not too late to seek a newer world." ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson
    Winter Is In My Head - Holiday Card
    "Winter is in my head, but Spring is in my heart." ~ Victor Hugo

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