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Dog Greeting Cards and Puppy Greeting Cards

Dogs are a very popular feature of many Borealis Press greeting cards - cute, lovable, funny, sometimes just plain ugly, but always entertaining - the dogs and the dog cards. And, of course, there are puppy cards, also found here. Whether you're a dog lover or not, we think you'll find these cards very amusing!

Pick up a few for yourself, and of course, your friends!

The Meaning Of Life - Greeting Card
"The meaning of life? I know I left it somewhere."
Get The Full Value Of Joy - Greeting Card
"To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with." ~Mark Twain
Yoga - It's Natural - Greeting Card
"Yoga. It's natural. For some."
Don't Blame Me - Greeting Card
"Don't blame me. I voted to take a walk."
First, A Cozy Nap - Greeting Card
"But first, a cozy nap."
Friends Are Relatives You Make For Yourself - Card
"Friends are relatives that you make for yourself."
The Trouble With Resisting - Card
"The trouble with resisting temptation is that you may not get another chance."
The Happiest Business - Greeting Card
"The happiest business in all the world is that of making friends." ~Anne Thaxter Eaton
Ever Stop To Think  - Greeting Card
"Did you ever stop to think, and then forget to start again?"
An Old Friend - Greeting Card
"An old friend never can be found...and he cannot easily be lost." ~Dr. Samuel Johnson
If A Dog Is Man's Best Friend - Card
"If a dog is man's best friend, that dog has a problem." ~ Edward Abbey

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